My name is Ben Winokur. I earned my B.A with joint honours in philosophy and peace and conflict studies from the University of Waterloo in 2013. I received my M.A in philosophy from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2014. I am now a Ph.D candidate in philosophy at York University in Toronto.

My dissertation is focused on the epistemology of self-knowledge. In particular, I am currently thinking and writing about the putatively tight relationship between 'privileged' or 'authoritative' self-knowledge of one's propositional attitudes and one's status as a rational agent. Specific research questions include: to what extent must an agent know her mental states in order to semantically express them? Does knowing one's own mind involve having ontologically distinct higher-order beliefs about one's lower level mental states? Is having privileged self-knowledge cognitively indispensable, instrumentally valuable, or neither? You can read a short abstract of my dissertation here.

I have also sometimes dabbled in metaethics. In recently published work I argue that it is not indispensable to our conception of epistemic norms that we also treat them as moral norms. The result, I contend, is that one way of appealing to epistemic realism as a means of justifying moral realism fails.

Please see my CV if you are interested in learning more about my philosophical background. Please see my contact information if you are interested in discussing philosophy with me!

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